About Us

Over 10 years ago the founders of Lightwave Logic realized that silicon and copper circuitry would soon reach the end of its physical limits and set out to create a new unique material to extend what is known as Moore’s Law. Finally it appears that those efforts have paid off and we have developed truly unique, ground-breaking materials that provide advanced photonics capabilities with major advantages not found in any other material that we are aware of.

These advantages include:

  • The versatility and ease of production of plastic (Polymers)
  • Thermal stability that is unmatched
  • Compatibility with Silicon and the CMOS process
  • Femtosecond response times
  • Little to no protection from the elements
  • Ability to withstand a laser without bleaching out
  • The ability to control regions of light from UV into the IR
  • High electro-optical activity


Lightwave’s vast array of unique chromophores offer all these advantages while being controlled (turned on/off) using very little electricity or light controlling light.


For decades, several Fortune 100 companies initiated and subsequently abandoned organic polymer R&D efforts because they could not solve the critical problem of melding high electro-optical activity (EO) with thermal stability. While a few small companies carried on the effort, Lightwave now leads the field in this technological development.


The time for Photonics has arrived and the Company believes it has strong competitive advantages and knows of no other polymer that has both high electro-optical activity and thermal stability—and have demonstrated potential to operate in ambient conditions–without the need for (or with minimal) expensive packaging.


These next generation advanced electro-optic polymers and non-linear all-optical polymers can convert high-speed electronic signals into optical (light) signals using very little electricity (Green Technology), or in the case of non-linear all-optical polymers (believe it or not) using light to switch other light waves.


Today’s inorganic electro-optic material is the core active ingredient in legacy high-speed fiber-optic telecommunication systems and has reached the end of their physical limits.  Utilizing our proprietary technology, we are in the process of engineering advanced organic polymeric (plastic) materials at the nanotechnology level that can potentially bridge and ultimately replace existing electro-optic infrastructure with plastics resulting in significant performance advancements, reduced component size, cost reduction, ease of processing, with thermal and temporal stability.


Lightwave Logic’s design of Second-Order electro-optic and Third-Order all-optical organic polymers has the potential to solve the challenges facing telecommunications, high speed computing, military, streaming video and intelligence applications to satisfy the dynamic needs of the those industries. Ultimately, organic optical polymers will engender a new platform upon which advanced technological applications will function enabled by ultra-fast devices, which will drive the continuing evolution of optical technology.


Portions of this science have been protected by our company using patents and other areas through trade secrets because after all  “Powered By the Speed of Light” is more than the company’s branding statement; it is an advancement in the way of thinking for photonics and we intend to use this science in a vast array of devices which many will try to duplicate.