Mission: Lightwave Logic is dedicated to engineering and developing next generation technology to replace existing data communications and telecommunications infrastructure with proprietary, organic polymer material-based devices. Our goal is to meet today’s demands and the future needs for the movement of ever increasing data at decreased costs.


Our polymer technology will also make feasible new market segments for applications as diverse as optical computing, all-optical switching and image recognition that have heretofore been only theoretical.



Lightwave Logic Inc., is a development stage company that is approaching commercialization of a portfolio of organic nonlinear electro-optical and all-optical polymers (plastic). Organic polymers are the next generation of technologies that will increase data speeds and expand bandwidth.



Organic materials have the ability to leapfrog inorganic-based silicon photonic devices to yield orders of magnitude improvements in data rates while simultaneously lowering costs and significantly lowering power consumption for data centers and telecom networks.



Our materials are the basis for a series of proprietary optical devices which can be developed by us, in a partnership or joint venture with other companies, or licensed to external partners to integrate into their technologies in telecommunications, data communications, and optical computing for use in consumer, commercial and military markets.

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Powered by the Speed of Light

Lightwave Logic’s products are being designed to serve data providers who need greater bandwidth at faster rates, at affordable costs.