Lightwave Logic has been headquartered in Longmont, CO since January 2014. The executive management team is located in Lightwave Logic’s headquarters at 1831 Lefthand Circle in Longmont. Also stationed at the Company’s headquarters is the Company’s Vice President of Product Development, support staff and administration.


At this same location, the Company outfitted a separate optical testing laboratory and class 100 cleanroom that contain the precise measuring equipment and software necessary to calculate advanced optical measurements, and create prototypes for testing. The combination of an advanced synthetic laboratory along with a facility capable of conducting optical testing and developing prototype devices, enhances the Company’s commercialization efforts.


Synthetic Chemistry Facility 

Lightwave Logic announced the opening of a new Synthetic Chemistry t facility in Newark, Delaware in 2012. The synthetic laboratory is outfitted with advanced scientific equipment necessary to conduct high quality chemical synthesis as well as the development and fabrication of organic polymer thin films. This includes a custom designed double glove box that allows ultimate control of atmospheric conditions by allowing for a low moisture non-oxygen (nitrogen) environment. Once the materials are prepared, they can easily be moved to an adjacent chamber for spin-coating on optical devices.